The elections in Santa Fe for Governor since 2007 has implied a process of stabilization on the electoral preferences in a context of temporal high volatility and territoriality of the political competition. This implies a high dynamic in the individual preferences of the voters, with certain regional patterns stabilized in the performance of each political force.

According to this, incorporate to this analysis the political competition to the inner of the political force, allow to capture the underlying process of the largest complexity. In that sense, the analysis of the performance of the different factions to the inner of the political forcé, allows us to identify if they are decisive to explain the electoral dynamic in Santa Fe.

In this paper, the electoral dynamic of Santa Fe for the position of Governor is analyzed comparing primary and general elections, from 2007 to 2015. For this, ecological and inference methods and spatial autocorrelation index were utilized.

Article only available in Spanish:

SCARAMELLA, C; CONTURSI REYNOSO, A; y ESCOBAR, S. (2018). Realineamiento partidario entre las elecciones primarias y generales de Santa Fe desde 2007 a 2015. En: Mutti, G. y Torres, A. (Comp.) Los Procesos Electorales en perspectiva comparada: Desafíos y estrategias de administración y justicia electoral. Rosario: UNR Editora.
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