Political Geography. [syllabus in Spanish]

Electoral Geography. [syllabus in Spanish]


Geography of the Capitalist Globalization of Nation States. [syllabus in Spanish]

Political Geography. [syllabus in Spanish]




Strategies to analyze the Polarization in Political Communication and, in the Electoral Results with a territorial approach. [syllabus in Spanish]. UNL-FHUC. Santa Fe, Argentina.

Center for Innovation and Geospatial Knowledge of Secondary Cities: Santa Fe, Argentina. A common project between UNL-FHUC, Ministry of Interior of the Nation, Municipality of Santa Fe, Atlas Smartcities and the Embassy of the United States of America. [news in the University’s website]

Remote Sensing: Theoretical practical bases applied to natural resources. [syllabus in Spanish]. UNL-FHUC. Santa Fe, Argentina.


Geographic Information Systems: Data spatially analysis applied to Natural and Social Sciences. [syllabus in Spanish]. UNL-FHUC. Santa Fe, Argentina


Quantitative Methods and Spatial Analysis. [syllabus in Spanish]. UNA. Asunción, Paraguay. Teaching Scale Program of the Association of Universities of the Montevideo Group.